For Virtual concerts, Interviews, Seminars, How To, Training, Cooking, Sporting events or anything your fans will buy tickets for !!

How the product works ?

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How much can I make ?

No Upfront Cost No Credit Card No Subscription Fees No Out of Pocket Cost
Ticket Price You set the ticket price your viewers pay. No additional fees to ticket buyers. They pay $20. $20
Number of Tickets Sold 100
Ticket Sales $2000
StreamitNow Fees @20% (fees range from 15%-25%) Deducted from your Payout, after the event. No upfront fees $400
Your PaymentPaid to you 48 hours after event completion $1600
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  • NO Subscription Costs, ever
  • NO Out of Pocket Costs, ever
  • NO fees to your ticket buyers, ever
  • NO Credit Card Needed, ever
  • Free Trial
  • Secure payments powered by Stripe, the payment provider for Amazon, Shopify and Lyft
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Our Founding Team

StreamItNow was founded by veteran executives in ticketing, blockchain, marketing and gaming

Our Technology Partner and Investor

  • kiwitech

    A deep experience and entrepreneurial history to partner with innovative startups, together creating state-of-the-art digital products and bringing ideas and investment to the mobile space. Several of our clients and partners have been named among the top "must-watch" digitally enterprises.

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  • blue haron

    Blue Heron Ventures focuses on early stage and growth companies with successful exits including Oculus VR, which sold to facebook for $2.3B in 2014 and MyFox SAS, the European leader in home security which sold to Somfy Group E.

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  • blue haron

    StartUpNV is a 501(c)3 non-profit accelerator for Nevada startups. StartUpNV’s founders, mentors, investors, and business partners work together to grow and support robust, inclusive startup ecosystems. Their related venture funds, FundNV and AngelNV, also provide capital and education to local entrepreneurs and angel investors. Since 2017, StartUpNV has heard nearly 700 pitches, incubated over 50, and raised over $70m for more than two dozen startups.

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